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L3 provides aircraft finishes that befit royalty while withstanding the rigors of military service.

L3 is proud to offer premier services in aircraft de-painting, exterior painting and interior finishing. Whether your needs are simple or complex, we have the personnel, skills and resources you require.

We have extensive experience in applying finishes for many different aircraft, including: Boeing 707, 737, 747 and 757; P-3; C-5, C-18, C-20, KC-10, C-22, C-47, C-130, C-135; A310, A340; Gulfstream III, IV; E-6B, E-8; MD-11 and VC-137.

L3 has three state-of-the-art aircraft paint hangars at our Greenville and Waco, Texas, facilities capable of handling virtually any aircraft. Each facility is equipped with environmental controls, modern equipment and fire protection systems. Our processes are ISO 9001 certified and compliant with all federal and state safety regulations. In addition, each facility can fabricate CAD-driven stencil design.


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