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The Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) is a program converting a Boeing B747SP passenger aircraft into an airborne observatory capable of accommodating a 2.7 meter infrared (IR) Telescope Assembly (TA) and a variety of research science instruments.



L3 has an extensive staff of highly technical and experienced engineers that specializes in areas such as computational fluid dynamics, six degree of freedom flight simulation, vehicle performance, aeroelasticity, structural dynamics, structural mechanics, finite element analysis, damage tolerance and fatigue analysis.

Our engineering specialists are supported by strong test and instrumentation expertise for product verification. Testing capabilities range from simple laboratory static structural testing to monitoring thousands of parameters for high-risk air-vehicle aeroelastic/structural flight tests, with full telemetry support at government flight test ranges.

  • Systems Engineering

  • Design Engineering

  • Flight Sciences Validation

  • Test and Evaluation

  • Systems Effectiveness Engineering

  • Tech Pubs – Print and Electronic Media Training

  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control

  • Custom SATCOM System Integration

  • Gaseous Oxygen Systems

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